Calcium Carbonate

NY.MA Group offers a wide range of calcium carbonate using the most advanced technologies for its extraction.
The collaborating companies extract and process calcium carbonate through 2 different processes:
- Calcium carbonate is recovered from silt and mud resulting from cutting marble, obtaining a naturally fine-grained product, partially coated if extracted from stone resin.
- Calcium carbonate is extracted from quarries on the surface and in galleries, from the mountains of Valpantena. The Verona stones and marble are ground to obtain various grain sizes from 10micron up to 35mm, in 3 colours: Verona white, pink coral and Verona red. The super-ventilated calcium carbonate of 10micron is also available coated with stearin.
The products offered can be stored and distributed in bags of 25 kilos, big bags from 1,000 to 1.800 kilos, or in bulk tanks.
Depending on the granulometry, calcium carbonate can be used in different ways:
- As a filler or inert filler in the manufacturing process of paints, wall paints, leveling and self-compacting concrete, as well as in paper mills.
- In animal husbandry for the production of feed and supplements for animals
- As a modifier of the soil acidity
- To absorb acid leaks
- For the production of pavings and prefabricated buildings
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